Knowing One’s Limitations

Since Fall Semester began, I’ve been juggling so many tasks. I jumped right in taking a full load, thinking, “what… I can do this. I’ve done this before, no problem.” I’ve volunteered to help out at Temple and I’ve got deadlines on certain projects I’m working on for them. I’ve got my blended oils business I’m trying to get off the ground & I just had a new product launch. Then, of course, there is Texas Renaissance Festival. All of this doesn’t even begin to cover the day-to-day tasks around the house. Yes, Mr. Magick Man helps out, but this is his busy season, too.

Not. Enough. Coffee. In. The. World.

I made it through opening weekend of renfaire, only to come home and gaze at the messy condition of my house. I made a list of homework assignments due and wondered just when I was going to get them done, knowing I’d be in the same boat next Sunday.

Something had to give…

I talked to Mr. Magick Man tonight. At least until my Digital Imaging class is over, I need to put renfaire on hold. He said they’d be ok and not to worry. He kinda’ anticipated this and made plans to shift coverage just in case. He’d rather I not over extend myself. I still feel like I should be able to do everything. But that’s just me putting higher expectations on myself. I wouldn’t expect anyone else to hold up under this kind of schedule.

Good news is, Digital Imaging will be over in a couple of weeks. I’ll have more bandwidth after I’m done with that class and I can come back to renfaire.

So it’s back to the books for me now. I’ll see you all again when I have another moment to come up for air!