A summary of my morning thusfar


Freyja kitty jumps on my bed.

“Meow? Meow? I want my kitty treats now. Why aren’t you awake mom?”

Just as I doze off…


Harley puppy at the side of my bed, wagging her tail.

“Harroow… mom? Feed me? Why aren’t you up yet?”

Me: “It’s not time, damnit! Go AWAY!

Just as I doze off…


From somewhere in the house, Bagheera kitty yowls as he is once again lost in another room. I contemplate forgetting about how pretty he is.

Right about now, Freyja jumps on the bed. “Meow? Are you up yet?”

Hmm… did they plan this? They both want treats… I toss her off the bed and go back to sleep.


Paul leaves for TRF to go work on the booths.

I wake up because I’m sleeping light at this point. I’ve been awake already. He was being very quiet. I told him it wasn’t him.

We say goodbye for the day and I get kisses.

Just as I doze off…



I give up. It’s the construction going on in my neighborhood. I get in my car and find the source, to see who I get to vent my Foamy Wrath upon this morning. But as I think about it, it’s really not their fault. They’re following a schedule. Who scheduled them to do this on a Saturday morning? So I see where they’re tearing up the street and I manage to talk to someone, and find out where I can complain.

Coffee now. It’s got to get better…