Such an amazing weekend!

On Friday, the step-parent adoption was final. My husband adopted my son and the wonderful father/son relationship they’ve had over the years was finally formalized. Our first family photo:

Later that night, my brother-in-law gave us a very special treat! Journey was in concert!!! Opening for them? Loverboy and Pat Benetar! Ok, these are all way before the teenboy’s time, but OMG!!!! But wait, there’s more! VIP Backstage Passes for Journey! Yes, we got to meet Arnel Pineda (and yes, he does sound just like Steve Perry). Pics or it didn’t happen? You got it!

OMG, the concert was incredible! I felt *mumble mumble mumble* years younger as the music took me back to the day. I sang all night! But you know, some things are just passed on from generation to generation. When the band played Faithfully, I looked over at my boy and his girlfriend; there they were… she was swaying back and forth to the music. He was behind her with his arms around her… :: sigh :: they really do grow up too fast.


Saturday morning came way too early. We had to get the teenboy to high school for his orientation. Class schedule, locker assignment and combination obtained. Found out one of us has to be there Monday morning to deal with the name change thing; they were just too busy to do it then (really, at orientation they weren’t prepared for “Oh, we just had an adoption finalized”… I kinda’ expected to have to handle this on Monday).


Saturday night a good friend of mine hosted a get together at her place because there was absolutely no way I could have done anything at my house. I had out of town guests, I’d been losing sleep for a couple of nights leading up to the adoption (don’t ask me why… excitement? who knows??) By the time Saturday night hit I’d been running on an average of about 4 hours sleep for 3 days straight. I have pics, but I haven’t had the energy to download them off my camera yet. I’m still exhausted. 🙂


We were supposed to get together for brunch with the girls today, but by the time this morning rolled around I just couldn’t go anymore. Brunch didn’t happen, which kinda’ disappoints me. I wanted to take my best friend, Lyl, (who just happened to be the attorney who handled the adoption). We’ll have to do Ladies Brunch next time she’s in town.


This leads me to the last little bit of my tale… Lyl’s son had gone to a friend’s house while they were down here this weekend. Evidently, his friend had these two kittens who were in need of a home… The plan was for the two kittens to go home with Lyl and for her to foster them, find them a home, etc… Well… the calico of the litter kinda’ found me while they were here at my house. Missy stayed.

So, yeah… my husband gained a son and I just got a new baby girl! An amazing weekend all around. 🙂

And she gave him a son

October of 2009, Mr. Magick Man asked me to marry him. This wasn’t the first rodeo for either of us; but we both know we did it right this time. We’d been dating a while before I moved in with him, and been living together for almost a year when he asked me. I have one son I brought into this marriage. Mr. Magick man has no children of his own, but he loves my son and treats him like his own. I’ll never forget that weekend after he proposed to me, when he asked me what I thought of him adopting my son.

I was ecstatic!! But this wasn’t just my decision. My son was almost 12 years old at the time. I said we should ask him.

We asked my son, and being the serious boy he is, he said he wanted to think about it. I found out he was really planning a special way to answer Mr. Magick Man. That month, his school was selling “Boo Pops” for Halloween. Students could purchase these and place messages inside. He got one for Mr. Magick Man and all it said was, “Yes.”  That’s my boy. 🙂

With wedding planning, the adoption got put on the back burner. Then things started going downhill at work and I saw the layoff coming. This took longer than we had planned. However… Thanks to my best friend (and attorney), the big day is finally here!!!

Tomorrow morning, we all go to court and finalize the adoption. I’m posting now because tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. By this time tomorrow, my son will have the same last name as the rest of us. Mr. Magick Man will no longer be “step-dad”; he’ll be “dad”. I’ve often wished I met Mr. Magick Man at least 15-20 years ago so we could have maybe had a kid or two… but he’s adopting my kid. We have no complaints here. 🙂