Suddenly, parents need Special Parking??

I’ll preface this post with a grow-the-fuck-up to all those parents out there who won’t agree with me on this.

How many of you have seen these signs in the grocery store parking lots, shopping mall parking garages, and other areas where it is difficult to find parking?

Families With Children Parking Sign

You might find something similar. You know, Reserved for Expectant Mothers, or Reserved for Parents with Infants. You get the idea.

What special snowflake came up with this batshit crazy idea? I mean, seriously. If you can’t handle getting from your car to the store with your kid(s), maybe you shouldn’t be a parent. Need special parking close to the front door because you’re pregnant??? OMFG, PLEASE!!! That’s when you need to be walking and exercising, bitch! Put your phone down, get off of Flakebook, and walk for a little bit. Do something good for that baby growing inside of you. Try to be a good mother now, because you have a hell of a lot of work in front of you after that baby gets here.

Let’s face it, people. Having children is not a disability. Stop trying to treat it like one and asking for special parking, ok?

‘Cause, tell ya’ what. As long as I see these signs at the grocery store and the spots are available, I’m gonna’ park there.

I did it today. I went to the local HEB just to buy beer.

Hooray Beer

I come out with my six-pack to my empty car and get the stink eye from a mother with her bratty child who’s whining and screaming already (and he isn’t even in the store yet). I stopped and looked at her with the raised eyebrow.

She walked away.

4 thoughts on “Suddenly, parents need Special Parking??

  1. parents don’t need special parking. what they need is to instill discipline in their children. teach the kids to take no for an answer. especially when at the grocery store or the mall or any other crowded public place.

  2. Here, here!!! I know we were raised better, and I *certainly* raised my kid better. WTF is wrong with parents today?

    All I can say is, they’re going to regret the hell out of it when those brats turn into teenagers.

  3. I’ve seen those signs off and on for at least 15 years at some of the higher end grocery stores.
    I suspect they are put there by the marketing department because mothers with infants spend a lot of money at grocery stores, and the chain wants that money.
    And to be fair, you must admit that if a woman is shopping alone with an infant can use a little extra help.
    But a woman with an ambulatory child certainly doesn’t need to give you the stink-eye for parking there.

    1. I’ll agree with you on the stink-eye comment, but as far as a woman shopping alone with an infant? Sorry… I did it with my kid, and women have been doing it for decades. No extra help needed. I mean, seriously, what extra help do you get from closer parking? The spaces aren’t any wider. There’s really nothing special about them other than they’re closer. Any mother should be able to handle getting her kids to and from the car, regardless of where she’s parked. If she can’t, she has no business having kids in the first place.

      Like I said in my post; having children is not a disability. Parents need to stop treating it like one by demanding special parking.

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