Spring Cleaning

Some of you know I’ve started my own business. Tempest Mystic Products is my baby. I sell handmade incense, room sprays made from essential oils, and I’m starting to make bath salts. I also do custom oil blends upon request.

I work out of my home, and I use my home office and my garage for my production area. As a result, it got to the point where I couldn’t really move around in my home office, between all the inventory I had and all the gadgets, books, and other things I’ve accumulated over the years. It was time to do a spring cleaning.

I attacked my office with a “mom” attitude. If I haven’t seen it in months or haven’t needed it in months, or if I forgot I had it, I obviously didn’t need it in the first place. Out it went. I cleared 5 big bags of trash just on this first sweep of the office.

It was difficult to do, but once done, it felt good to let go of what felt like old baggage.



Next, I went through my shelves and boxed up things I wanted to keep but didn’t have room for right now. These went into storage. My Barbie collection, books, computer hardware, older software, my faerie collection, and other tchotchkes that have sentimental value but were just collecting dust. Thirteen boxes, in all.

I now had plenty of room for rearranging product, getting inventory off the floor and putting it on the shelves, and bringing supplies from other rooms of the house into my office.

I feel at ease. I feel as though I’ve climbed a mountain. Once again, I’ve organized my workspace, but this time I’ve actually made it into a workspace. It took all week, but I did it, and OMG I’m just glowing!


Now that I have a true workroom, I need to get back to work. I just wanted to make a quick post this morning before I dive into work. I’ve got more incense to put into production, and I start on bath salts today.

Y’all have a wonderful day – I know I will!

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