I Promised You Pictures…

… and pictures you will get. In fact, this post will mainly consist of pictures, because the emotions from Saturday’s events are beyond any words I can fill on paper or type in any blog.

I am grateful to the people at VFW Post 6111 here in Arlington, TX, for everything they’ve done for the past 3 years, in trying to find the family.

Thank you, Sally, for being so kind, and for making sure I was, indeed, family, when I contacted you. I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for your hospitality, and for making my family feel so welcome. Thank you for sharing in my excitement.

Thank you, my seester and my nieces, for understanding those moments when old memories triggered and I just needed to breathe.

And now, the pictures…

Sorry, but I’m not posting a link to the interview, itself. I never use actual names in my blog, but .. well, media doesn’t necessarily abide by that same practice. :: shrugs ::

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays; whatever you choose to celebrate during this season. I hope you are happy and safe (and warm). May good things happen to you and your family.


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