Tomorrow is the Big Day

Last month I wrote a post on Family History and HopeWe leave for my sister’s this afternoon. Tomorrow morning, we’re having breakfast with the person from the VFW who helped coordinate the effort to find the family and get James’ honors back home. Tomorrow afternoon we all go to the VFW. I’ve been told this is an exciting event for them. They’ve been waiting a long time to find us. The local news who covered the story last Memorial Day is going to be there to do a follow-up.

I had no idea. I was just grateful to these people for taking care of these things for us, and happy they weren’t gone forever. My sister and I don’t need a big show. This isn’t about us. I mentioned all this to Mr. Magick Man and he agreed with my point of view, but he also said that these people have been holding James in a place of honor for a couple of years now; a WWII veteran who needed to find his family and a proper resting place. They want to celebrate him coming home. These are valued family memories for us, but the VFW looks at this from a different perspective. James was a fellow soldier. This is a big day for everyone involved.

Teen boy is going to be there, too; but since this is such a big day, I’ve asked him to dress in his ROTC uniform. He has plans for a military career after high school and there will be people at the VFW he can talk to, I’m sure.

Oh, and there will be pictures. 🙂

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