Time, Time, Time… Part Two.

(Continued from yesterday’s post…)

A real job. I start tomorrow, on a holiday, because he’s got a new design project and he has so many other clients who are waiting. I didn’t have to start tomorrow, but I really didn’t mind doing so.

Up until tonight I still didn’t think this was really happening, but it is. I have a job.

Who? Who? Who has a job?

It started when I met S a couple of years ago, actually. Mr. Magick Man’s best friend introduced us in late 2011. He knew I was looking for a job, and S owned his own business. If nothing else, this would be a great networking opportunity for me since, at the time, I was looking for a project management position.

S was a very nice guy, but he was really looking for someone in the design field. I had little-to-no experience in graphic design at that time. I didn’t hear from him again.

A few weeks ago, the same friend who introduced us lost his battle with cancer. Mr. Magick Man and I went to see him while he was in hospice and we ran into S while we were there. S mentioned he’d heard I’d been working more in the graphic design field and been taking some classes. I said yes, and I had more experience since we last spoke. He asked me to send him my portfolio.

Well, I sent him a link to the online copy of some of my best work, and an updated copy of my resume, and he really liked what he saw. So he asked me if I had time to come in and talk for a bit. This was last week. “Of course,” I said.

An interview?? What am I going to do with my incense and oils business? I just started Tempest Mystic Products!! I talked to Mr. Magick Man, and he immediately assured me he’d help me in any way possible. Do I need someone to make incense in the mornings? He can do that. “That’s the beauty of owning your own store,” he says. “You have employees. I don’t have to open the store. I’m not the only one there in the mornings.” I just need to show him what to do. He’s wonderful. Have I mentioned that yet?

The interview itself was probably the most unique interview I’ve ever experienced. I sat down and just had a conversation. I found out this was partially because he had no idea exactly what he wanted me to do, he just knew he needed me to do something. I have strong project management skills but I also have a passion and talent for graphic design. it’s difficult to find one employee who can fill both of those roles. Initially, he thought he just needed another graphic designer but by the time we met for our interview he wasn’t sure that was the case.

Without a defined role, it’s hard to have an interview.

We did discuss the incense business and my time. I told him I’ve already got Tempest covered, so that’s not an issue. We discussed my areas of expertise. We started talking about what he does and clients. I didn’t have to be prompted to ask questions; they just kind of “flowed”. But after all this he still couldn’t tell me what he needed me to do.

So I gave him my opinion.

“It sounds like you need someone to manage the projects you have and map them out. Show you where your lag time is, identify resources, proactively reach out to the appropriate contacts in the project as needed, etc…, and you need someone to help out with design projects on occasion – kind of like a floater in that area.”


“Great! So when do I start?”

Somehow, I talked myself into a job.

How on earth did I do that?
How on earth did I do that?

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