Ever try to reach anyone at Flakebook to resolve an issue? Oh, I’m sorry, I should probably refer to them by their appropriate name: Facebook. There, I said it. It’s the only time I’ll use it in this post.

Let me just cut to the chase for those who haven’t enjoyed this lovely experience — You can’t reach anyone in support at Flakebook, regardless of your issue.

Sit back, get some popcorn and something to drink. Duch is on a rant tonight.

Yesterday, I tried to create a business page off of my Flakebook account. I received error messages saying the action could not be completed and I would have to try later. After numerous attempts, I decided to report the problem to Flakebook, complete with screenshots. My error message:

It says to try later, so I try later… :: shrugs ::

I tried later, as instructed, and noticed I was now getting authentication prompts when clicking on “Get Started”. Knowing I’d reported this issue earlier (and noting I had yet to receive a response), I went through the motions again to capture screenshots so I could report this new behavior to Flakebook.

After the above error message I got this one:

Login screen after Get Started

Then this one:

Verify your Identity

Much to my dismay, after following the prompts to prove I was really me, I was informed my account was temporarily blocked for 30 days.

Temporarily Blocked

I was eventually able to log back into my account after multiple attempts but now I’m unable to comment or Like any posts, or send messages. I haven’t explored further features to see what else I cannot do. I did explore Flakebook’s Help section and found an Appeals link, but received an error when filling out the form. The error said my account was not disabled so the form did not apply.

Evidently there is no appeals process for this particular issue.

What exactly did I do here? Make multiple, unsuccessful attempts to create a Page, resulting in errors due to possible server issues on Flakebook’s part? Now I’m in “Flakebook Jail” for 30 days?

This hardly seems right.

2 thoughts on “Flakebook

  1. Facebook is for those with herd mentalities, low self esteem, the need for constant approval and people who can’t seem to mind one’s own bizness. Yet can’t manage their own. Phone faced ear budded zombies who walk into traffic and trip into bad weather of their own making.

    1. I love how you group all of Flakebook’s users into one lot. That’s a mighty wide paintbrush you’re using. I know lots of people who use it just for keeping up with family living across the country (or across the world). They don’t have herd mentalities or the need of constant approval. I won’t speak on the “minding one’s business” part for some of them, but gossip can be juicy sometimes. 😉

      As far s the picture you painted? It sounds more like people you find all over the internet, Flakebook or otherwise.

      Everyone has their own things they bitch about. The internet makes us all anonymous, so we tend to rant a bit more viscously and whine a bit more easily (and perhaps more frequently). Regardless, our tolerance for others has grossly decreased as we’ve isolated ourselves.

      Not isolated? How many of your group of friends hold different beliefs from your own? I’m don’t mean “which candidate” under the same party umbrella. I’m talking more along the lines of strong opposing beliefs to your own. Can you agree to disagree with people in your group of friends and have an intelligent discussion with them about those beliefs? Or are all of your friends of the same belief? Do you all agree about the same political issues, religious issues, and social issues?

      If you all agree on all the same issues, it sounds like you suffer from herd mentality. Perhaps you should open a Flakebook account.

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