A Geeky, Gaming Weekend

The Teenboy’s birthday was last Tuesday. We told him he could have a gaming weekend with the guys this weekend. You know – invite them over on Friday night, game all weekend, and everyone goes home on Sunday.

Everything got started around 8-ish. We ordered pizza and enough soda for everyone. Not just any pizza, mind you. We have a local pizza place that makes the cheap, greasy, thin-crust-loaded-with-meat-and-cheese pizza, just like you remember from your college days. I fondly refer to their double-pepperoni as the “artery-clogging special”.

As parents, we did what any parents would do in this given situation: we retreated to the back of the house, leaving the teens in the front room to game all night. And up all night they were… When I awoke the next morning, half of them were still awake and going (mine being one of them). The others had crashed on the sofa.

Remember when you could stay up all night and not feel the effects the next day? Yeah… me too…

I went out to get kolaches for breakfast. Came back with the best kolaches you’ll find in our area. Three Brothers Bakery makes their kolaches with challah and they are sooooo good! Those who were asleep woke from the dead just to eat something, then they all got back to gaming for a bit. Around noon, those who hadn’t slept yet crashed out and the others continued. It was like they were sleeping in shifts.

By this time I’d started on the spaghetti sauce for dinner. It has to cook all day to taste just right, you know… Then there was the cake.

Best. Cake. Ever.
Best. Cake. Ever.

Chocolate cake and candied bacon cake? Oh, they threw themselves on that grenade.

Gaming continued through the night last night, but they didn’t pull another all-nighter. Perhaps it was all the carbs and sugar that got to them. I woke this morning to find a house full of unconscious teenboys. I made coffee, proceeded to make breakfast for myself, and fed the dogs. None of these are the most quiet of tasks, because of the acoustics of the house. They’re still asleep.

Crashed Out on the Sofa
Crashed Out on the Sofa

This weekend has brought back so many gaming memories for me. Yeah, I was a gaming nerd, too. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, you know. Before my teenboy was a gleam in my eye, I used to game every weekend. We’d start on Friday night, pull those all-nighters, game through until Sunday. I hosted the thing at my place. I fed everyone (it was a huge group, now that I look back on things). We’d usually do a spaghetti dinner or something along those lines. We rarely used miniatures in our gaming, but when we fought monsters, we did lay things out with M&Ms. The DM was always good about giving a visual representation of the battle. And, of course, when you killed the monster, you got to eat it. To this day, I still refer to M&M’s as “monsters”. 🙂

Alas, today my monster is a graphic design assignment. For the time being, my house is quiet. Time for me to switch gears and do battle with my homework. Good day, everyone!


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