Terror Off Campus – Skipper Left Hanging

Sep 24, 2012 6:13pm

A local Graphic Design major seems to have snapped under the pressure of campus life. Known to most everyone as “Duch”, she led a normal life and presented a calm demeanor up until the moment she got home today. Barbie never saw it coming. She didn’t have a chance to protect her younger sister, Skipper. When the teen-boy got home, he saw his mother had already tortured Skipper and hung her, naked, from a noose in her office.


No one saw this coming.

Why would someone do this? We spoke with her close friends, to gain a better perspective.

“I just spoke with her yesterday.” TheAntiChick said, when we interviewed her this afternoon. “She was under a lot of stress, worried about getting assignments done on time and life getting in the way. I told her to breathe, to do what she could, and it would work out. By the time we got off the phone, she was laughing. I thought she was ok, really…”

Barbie, at this time, has no comments.

4 thoughts on “Terror Off Campus – Skipper Left Hanging

  1. Here’s a childhood memory….
    One time, I laid naked Ken on top of naked Barbie and put them in your doll case. When you found them, you were like “Sissy, why are naked dolls on top of each other in my case?”
    I am sorry for possibly traumatizing you and hope that Skipper’s ill fate is not a result of my mischief.
    my condolenses to her family…

  2. LOL! Oh, my, yes… that must have been so traumatic I erased it from my memories. :: giggles ::

    More likely I was so young I can’t remember it. Gods, how old were we, seester? I must have been pretty young if I was still calling you “Sissy”. 😉

    1. You have *got* to be kidding, hon. Geez, the Catholic Guilt really stuck with you, didn’t it? What did Sister Lucy do to you, smack you one too many times with her ruler? Let it go, hon, let it go. :: giggles ::

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