Third week in…

My digital imaging class is strictly focused on Photoshop CS6. Unlike my other courses, this is a fast-paced short course. It only lasts 8-weeks. It’s like they took a summer semester course and plunked it down into the Fall semester, so they could add a “Late Start” course when it ends (yes, they did that – another 8-week course for Digital Imaging II). You get the same amount of credit hours as you do with the full semester courses. The only difference is there are assignments you do at home and turn in online. I suppose you could say half of this course is web-based.

Did I mention this is a fast-paced course? Oh, yes, I did… What I haven’t mentioned is that most students are used to running PC’s instead of Mac’s. This entire course is based on using a Mac. There is not one PC in this classroom.

On the first day I found it a bit intimidating, and I’m sure the other students did as well. But really, everything we need is in the textbook. If you don’t understand the Mac UI, the instructor opens the classroom an hour early to give students extra lab time on the machines. There are other classrooms that have posted lab times throughout the week. All it takes is practice and a little initiative on your part.

We’ve already had 3 students drop from this class… Unfortunately, the one student I wish would drop still remains. We’re three weeks into an eight week course and he still doesn’t have the textbook. He constantly asks other students questions about where things are on the Photoshop toolbar — things that are covered in Chapter 1 of the textbook. And he goes on about how much experience he has in Photoshop, but it’s a very old version and he just doesn’t get this new version. He complains about everything, and he’s loud. His voice gets on my last nerve. This guy rarely asks the instructor for help (he’d rather ask other students and waste our time). However, when he’s forced to ask the instructor, it’s always at the worst time. It’s when the instructor is on his way to help another student. The guy interrupts the instructor and wastes his valuable time when 3-4 students actually need help with something new we’ve covered.


Last night I heard something I wasn’t meant to hear. The instructor called Mr. Obnoxious to his desk and quietly talked to him about something. I wasn’t trying to listen, but sometimes you can’t help but hear, y’know? I heard the words, “missing assignments,” “I have to do this,” and, “this is your first warning.” Mr. Obnoxious comes back in his loud voice with, “I don’t have the book. I’ll probably get it but it won’t be for a few weeks. Probably by the end of class.” What?? Oh, it gets better… He then said, “I’m really just here to learn Photoshop. I don’t really care about the grade.”

I was floored.

Ok… so we finish class. I stick around a few minutes getting to a stopping point on my assignment, saving my work, and saving a backup to my DropBox account online (always keep a backup – it will save your a** more than once). Mr. Obnoxious leaves about 5 minutes before I do. I’m the last one out. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I just want to go home and take a nap. I get outside, get to my car… as far as I know, no one is behind me.

All of a sudden I hear Mr. Obnoxious’ voice dancing on my last nerve, and he’s right behind me, talking to me! “I think that Photoshop class just assumes the students already know certain things, and they could do a better job of explaining how to use the product.” Now, I was tired. I didn’t think to say, “If you had the textbook you’d be up to speed with everyone else. No… what fell out of my mouth? “I knocked the shit out of the last person who startled me like that.”  I then looked up at the stormy sky and said, “Looks like rain.  I have a long drive.” Mr. Obnoxious backed away from me and said, “Yeah, it does… er… have a good weekend…”

Why. The. Fuck. is this guy bothering with taking the course? If he just wants to learn Photoshop, Adobe has free online tutorials!!! :: headdesk :: Well, perhaps he’ll stop bothering me in class now…

10 thoughts on “Third week in…

      1. Agreed. Ok – you’ve known me for a long time. You know how rare it is for me to instantly dislike someone. This guy is one of *those* guys… :/

        We’ve had good students drop (probably for good reasons), but I really wish this guy would drop. He’s a waste of air, IMHO.

  1. There’s always at least one in classes like that. Dunno why, and sometimes, you have to wonder why they bother paying for the damn class if they’re not going to take it seriously.

  2. LOL! I love your reply to him. Maybe he will avoid you the rest of the time. I can’t stand people like that either. love my badass sister!!

  3. Sometimes when you’re tired your brain gets around the filters and says exactly the right thing. He totally deserved it for sneaking up on you. There’s plainly something wrong and creepy about him anyway, or you wouldn’t have said it. Go with your gut.

    1. He is definitely creepy. Every time he tries to talk to me it just sets every warning alarm off in my brain. I’ve been thinking it was because I instantly disliked him (maybe that’s *why* I instantly disliked him). But, yeah, I am paying attention to that instinct. 🙂

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