My Sneaky Mr. Magick Man

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary. We’re in the middle of a long-awaited bathroom remodel, and we agreed that this was our anniversary present to each other. I let it go, and thought he did the same. I should know my husband better…

A couple of days before our anniversary, we have this conversation:

Mr. Magick Man: “You don’t have anything on your calendar for Tuesday, right?” I notice he’s on the phone with someone while he’s asking me this question.

Me: “No, not yet, why?”

Mr. Magick Man: “You do now. Keep the entire day open.” And he smiles and says to the person on the phone, “Yes, book her for Tuesday.”

Me: “What are you doing?”

Mr. Magick Man: (Just sits there and smiles at me)

Me: “We said we were doing the bathroom as our anniversary present to each other.” And I give him “the look.”

Mr. Magick Man: “And we are.” And he continues to smile.

Yesterday morning, he took me to Etheria Salon. This was the same salon I used the day of the wedding for my bridal party and me, doing the full mani-pedi, hair and make-up. It was an all-day affair that day, and we had a great time. Yesterday, Mr. Magick Man surprised me with a relaxing massage, mani-pedi, and getting my hair done by the same guy who did my hair the day of my wedding. I got a bit wibbly. 🙂

Oh, and btw, the other guy who did our hair was there, and remembered our entire bridal party from two years ago. We had our squee moment. He wants to see pictures; I need to go back when they aren’t so busy.

Such a romantic, thoughtful, sentimental present. I really am the luckiest woman on earth. 🙂

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