Flip-flops: They aren’t just summer footwear

I saw today’s headline on CNN:

“Obama says he supports same-sex marriage”

I thought to myself, “seriously?” The timing is impeccable. Wasn’t he saying this when we were gearing up for the 2008 election? I remember lots of my friends in the GLBT community being extremely disappointed after the election, when he backed off on his strong, supportive position on this matter. It appeared, to the people who supported him in that election, that he no longer needed their support and he caved to his financial supporters instead. Or, perhaps he never truly supported same-sex marriage; but that’s mere speculation on my part.

My point is, just as every politician does, he flip-flopped on this important issue once again in order to gain political ground. I’m calling shenanigans. No, I don’t believe he supports same-sex marriage. I believe he’s doing the same thing Romney is doing: He’s telling us what we want to hear so we’ll vote for him. And if he wins in November? Yes, I think he’ll do the exact same thing he did in 2008 – he’ll back off of his stance and not be quite as supportive as he said he was. He’ll flip-flop again.

The sad thing is, as disappointed as I am with Obama, I don’t like Romney one bit. Come to think of it, I have yet to find a decent candidate. They all lie. They’re all owned by the banks funding their campaigns. When it comes down to it, politics isn’t about the Party or the People anymore, it’s about money. We little folk don’t really matter.

I really wish I’d paid closer attention in my World History class when we studied Rome… :/

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