Letting go

I’ve never been one to let go. I’m happier when I’m in control over what’s going on; or, at least when I have some semblance of control of events.

Next week, my husband is out of town. I have to rely on someone to get me to a doctor’s appointment. I can’t just go there myself, at my schedule, when it’s convenient for me. I have to go way early & wait…. she’s dropping me off and picking me up. At least I have transportation.

Damnit, I feel like an old lady.

I can’t go out and do the things I used to do anymore. I have to make arrangements. And, damnit, it seems like every time I turn around, my husband is giving me this worried look or asking me if I’m ok. Just….. Fuck. I feel so frustrated and so useless. :: headdesk ::

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