Purple is my favorite color

For those who follow my blog or have read my blog, you’ve figured out by now what I write about may have nothing to do with menopause, itself. It’s more of a blog of everyday life, from a woman riding that crazy train. Nonetheless, today’s post does have to do with menopause, somewhat…

Today is Purple Day, supporting Epilepsy around the world. Women who have Epilepsy are particularly concerned about Menopause. We do not know how “the change” will affect us. Geez, even our neurologists can’t seem to give us a straight answer on the subject. “Every woman is different.” “Some women notice their seizure activity decreases, others see an increase in activity with the change in hormone levels.” In other words, Neurologists who specialize in Epilepsy are just as much in the dark as the patients they treat. As far as we’ve come in research, more research needs to be done in so many areas. So I’m making this post and doing my part to spread awareness today.

There are so many patients out there who are on enough medications to knock out a horse and still can’t control their seizures. This is more than just wearing purple. Go. Look for yourself.

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