I was talking to my sister, tonight, about my nieces upcoming wedding. As with any young bride-to-be, tension levels mount as the date draws near. She’s two weeks away. I found out that some of her brides maids still haven’t gotten their dresses yet. I remember how I was when Mr. Magick Man and I tied the knot a couple of years ago… I was panicking about the dresses a few months out. I have to give the girl credit for not going “bridezilla” on everyone.

It made me think, really, we choose how we react. Life presents us with a series of events. We can choose to let the drama unfold around us; or we can choose to breathe; or we can choose to handle it somewhere in between. Personally, I’m guilty of hitting that panic button on more than one occasion; however, I’ve made great strides in my ability to pause, then choose my action. My action may not be the correct choice, but it is an action of my choosing rather than a knee-jerk reaction. This allows me to reflect on events, acknowledge and learn from any mistakes, and grow.

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