Where Fools Rush In

And, oh my, did this one put his foot in his mouth.

On February 28th, Rush Limbaugh actually said, with his outside voice, that if a woman wanted insurance coverage for birth control under her school’s healthcare plan, that was the equivalent of being paid to have sex. He said, “It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.” It’s been all over the news. Here’s one of the links from CBS.

This isn’t a new story for most of you. You’ll have to forgive me. I’ve been out of town at North Texas Irish Festival and I’m just catching up on the news.

I actually went to rushlimbaugh.com to look for the show where he said it. I don’t listen to his drivel, but I thought, surely something is being taken out of context. I know how the media can be biased to one side or the other. Every talk show host keeps archives. I found the link to the show, but it appears they’ve removed the transcript. In fact, anything referencing Sandra Fluke on February 28th seems to be inaccessible.

If you search the archives for other stories related to Sandra Fluke, you will find all the other transcripts of where he defends himself and eventually apologizes. Oh, and evidently at some point there was a bomb threat at his house over this mess… poor thing.

The thing that really gets me is, he talks about how frequently she has sex, as though that has any bearing on anything. You take the pill once a day. Period. It’s not like Viagra or Cialis (perhaps that’s the only thing he has for a frame of reference…).

I should note, insurance companies have provided birth control at no extra expense for years now. It’s part of the overall package when you get “X” insurance coverage. You may have to pay a co-pay, and that co-pay may vary depending on your plan, but it’s still part of the package, regardless. I should also note, insurance companies also cover prescriptions like Viagra and Cialis in just the same manner. So, following Rush Limbaugh’s philosophy, let’s say an unfortunate college man has health issues …. erectile dysfunction. He needs a prescription for Viagra or Cialis. If that student wants the school healthcare plan to cover his prescription “get it up”, does that make that man a male prostitute?

Food for thought, Mr. Limbaugh. Oh, and BTW, you know you’ve really screwed up when Don Imus says your apology was lame. Looks like he gets to hand the “Mediot” crown over to you now. 😉

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