On being the mother of a teenage boy

I only have one child. I love him dearly. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I’d give my life for him, and God help anyone who tried to harm him.

But there are times when I just get so frustrated with the boy, and I wonder WTF he’s thinking.

How many times do I have to tell him to put soap in the dishwasher when he does dishes?
Why should I have to tell him to put soap in the dishwasher in the first place?
Why did I have to put a sign above the washing machine after he kept forgetting to use laundry detergent?

Use Soap

He takes the trash out every week. Every other week our recycling goes out. We’ve had a large box sitting by the recycling bin for about a month now. It needed to be cut down & put into the bin (they won’t take it, otherwise). Has the boy done it? No. He takes the bins to the curb & he leaves the large box at the side of the house. Exposed to the elements….. It’s been rained on numerous times, and dried. It’s quite “ookey” at this point. Today I got tired of looking at it. I cut it up and put it in the recycling bin.

If I want clean dishes, I have to do them.

If I want a clean house, I make a list of chores. I give him things to do. I do what’s on my list. He breezes through his list and I know he hasn’t thoroughly cleaned anything. I have to stop what I’m doing, go behind him and point out everything he’s missed. Why can’t he see the dust? Why can’t he see the dirt? Why do I have to make a list to begin with? Why can’t he just see what needs to be done and do it?

What’s he going to do when he’s on his own? :: headdesk ::

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