Trust is a difficult thing for me. It involves bringing down my defenses, letting someone “in”, and it leaves me feeling so vulnerable.

Communication is vital in building trust. When we communicate with each other, we trust that person to value our opinions or our emotions. If we have a concern in a relationship and we do not communicate that issue, are we damaging the trust relationship? I believe so. (and, yes, this applies in all types of relationships – friendships, family, dating, spousal….). When we communicate that concern, we trust the person to validate our concerns and give feedback on what he or she heard. Perhaps this person also has concerns. This is an opportunity for this person to trust us in the relationship in the same manner. This is one method of building trust, and especially if you come from an environment where communication was difficult. You have the opportunity to learn that communication is safe, and you can trust your friend/family member/partner to not explode.


Trust is something I’ve been working on for a long time. I’ve found the communication piece of the puzzle is the most difficult piece to solve. But today I realized something. I looked at where I was just five years ago and I saw just how far I’ve come on this entire issue. I’ve come a long way…. through lots of communication and trust I’ve built with my close friends and family. 🙂

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