It will happen before I know it

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that both amused and terrified me at the same time.

My teen boy was driving. Driving a car. While I was in the passenger seat.

I don’t remember much of the dream. I remember we were in a hurry. We were either very late, or we were trying to get away from someone, but regardless, we had to leave quickly. About half way down the road, my teen boy says to me, “So, mom, when are you going to realize I’m driving the car?” At which point, I freaked, said, “OMFG, you aren’t supposed to be driving yet! Pull over!” and promptly woke up.

:: sigh ::

Fair warning, everyone. He has a birthday coming up this month. He will officially be old enough to start taking Drivers Education classes. I’m not saying we’re starting all that. I’m just saying he’s getting to be that age. The streets are safe…for now. 😉

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