Let the music take control

I’ve always had a special connection with music. If I’m down, music can bring me up again. I’ve tried explaining it to some people, but it’s difficult to explain unless music does this to you, too. It’s like feeling the music, on an emotional level. So when I’m on the downside of a moodswing, I let the music take control. I have a playlist that gets me through, and if I’m alone in the car, I crank it LOUD.

I won’t go through the whole list here – there are over 60 songs. But among those songs are:

  • Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
  • 99 Problems – Hugo (no, not the Jay-Z version; this one is much better)
  • Country Song – Seether
  • Fuckin’ Perfect – Pink
  • Evolution – Korn
  • Numb – Linkin Park
  • Headstrong – Trapt
  • I Will Survive – Cake (again…. this version is much better than the original)

This works for me. This may not work for everyone. But when you find you’re at the bottom of the mood swing and can’t seem to snap out of it, find something that always works for you. If it isn’t music, maybe it’s exercise…. or knitting. Whatever hits your soul and makes it sing again. Find it and latch on to it. 🙂

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